inamo St James

While most people imagine future technology meaning being able to teleport oneself or driving flying cars, which are obviously still a way off, the future of dining has arrived. And you will find it at inamo St James, an innovative new Japanese restaurant in London, which uses state of the art technology to create a waiter-less ordering system.

At first glance, the tables seem ordinary enough but projected from overhead onto them and controlled using a mouse pad is a series of options for eating and drinking, to order at the click of a button.

When you click on one of the dishes an image of that dish is projected onto your plate so you know what to expect.

Extra features available include being able to change the colour and pattern on your table, games in case your dining companion is a bit dull (great for a first date that isn’t going anywhere), helpful information like a tube map and an interactive taxi booking function.

Technophobes may be put off at first thinking it is too complicated but in all honesty, it is very easy to navigate around.

All this would be pointless if the food wasn’t up to scratch, but luckily inamo St James delivers on that front too. The menu has a good selection of sushi and sashimi, and aside from those there are a lot of fish dishes like black cod and salmon marinated in sake. Some of the meat dishes are served on a hot plate so you can cook them to your own specifications, or there are curries and steaks. The flavours for everything are very fruity – lime, orange and mango, with lots of garlic, chilli and soy.

The restaurant and cocktail bar is decorated in oriental style with bamboo floor-to-ceiling posts and a vertical Japanese garden taking up one whole wall with water running down, creating a relaxing backdrop.

Square Meal

…the extensive cocktail list. And if you only try one, make it the Geisha, which comes served with fresh berries and a real pansy flower. It is the nicest drink you will ever taste and exquisitely presented.

4-12 Regent Street
Tel: 020 7484 0500