Gordon Ramsay has had a lot of stick recently in the press with restaurants closing, talk of financial problems and the departures of some of his top chefs. Some of his harshest critics thought he was too wrapped up in being a celebrity and should concentrate on what he does best. Despite all this though, his restaurants remain busy and his food is still as good as it has ever been.

Maze is part of the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square and is very stylish in decor, designed by the legendary David Rockwell (architects and designers for several of the Nobu restaurants around the world) with dark wood and mood lighting.

The cocktail list is extensive so you will be spoiled for choice if you fancy an aperitif in the bar before sitting down to eat. The Ginger C (ginger, Smirnoff Penka and champagne) is particularly recommended.

As well as the a la carte option, the tasting menu is a must. Six courses of pure heaven and although the courses each look tiny, you will leave feeling entirely satisfied. Choose between hake or cod with their little extras, and then between duos of pork (pork belly and pork cheek) or lamb (rack and shoulder). Save some room though for the bitter chocolate délice to finish, with its wonderful honeycomb ice cream.

Service is exceptional of course, as you would expect from the man who would terrify any poor waiter or waitress into perfection. Perhaps the school of effing and blinding does pay off?

Square Meal

10-13 Grosvenor Square
Tel: 020 7107 0000