Following a huge success story in the US dating back to 1999, Sushisamba opened its first international restaurant last year in Londonís then newest skyscraper (before the Shard opened its viewing platform in February 2013), Heron Tower, in the City. Located on the 38th and 39th floors, the views from Sushisamba match the food and ambience Ė utterly spectacular.

As you arrive, still on ground level, there is a touch of the exclusive about it as a lady with a clipboard checks your reservation. It remains ridiculously popular, so you are unlikely to be able to get a walk-in table. To avoid untold embarrassment then, if you havenít reserved, youíre better off just drinking at the bar. Once past the clipboard though, the fun begins and to take you up to the 38th floor, there is a completely glass elevator. With ears popping, this lift seems to do 0-60 faster than any Ferrari and you will feel every one of the 175 metres of the upwards climb!

Perhaps not as unlikely as it might sound (due to a large Japanese population in both Brazil and Peru), the combination of the three distinct cultures that make up Sushisamba; Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian, provides an explosion of music, colour and amazing food. The food is almost secondary though, as with these views (especially on the terrace that flank the restaurant Ė the highest outdoor terrace in London in fact), you will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing and seeing what you can spot. The Gherkin, the Shard, St Paulís, the Olympic Park as it was then are just some of the NOT forget your binoculars.

We say ďalmostĒ secondary though, because the food is fabulous. Creative, beautifully presented and fusing flavours and ingredients that you didnít know existed, let alone went together. Luckily the staff are very well versed in what everything is. Dishes to go for include ceviche and sashimi, or any of the robata (Japanese charcoal grill) cooked dishes and anticuchos (Peruvian skewers). Plus it would be a shame not to sample the sushi itself, as it is the restaurantís namesake. Really, the best thing is to come with a large group and try everything!

As well as the views and food, the atmosphere is buzzy and the music is energetic. If you canít get to the Rio Carnival, Sushisamba might just be the next best thing!

Square Meal

Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate
Tel: +44 (0) 203 640 7330