The Old Spot

Given the endless beauty of the surrounding landscape and architecture, parts of the West Country appear remarkably devoid of good eateries. Research on the historic towns in the region returns numerous ancient forts, monuments or settlements that are well worth a visit, but if you want some good quality sustenance, you will struggle.

Luckily The Old Spot in the delightful city of Wells (those with a thirst for pub trivia will know that Wells is the second smallest city in England and the only one in Somerset) is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Located right next to the cathedral on a picturesque cobbled street, The Old Spot is extremely welcoming, and small enough to be intimate and private. If you are lucky you can get a table with views of the cathedral.

The enticing menu will leave you in a quandary as to what to choose and is compact enough to assure you that everything is freshly prepared - no danger of any frozen lasagnes here!
The content changes regularly and there is a separate lunch and dinner menu. All the food is cooked perfectly with no attempt to shy away from serving duck breast deliciously rare or blending delicately balanced accompaniments, including spiced lentils with mussels and juniper cream.

The service is attentive but unobtrusive, with any question, from what the food contains to how it is cooked, answered with remarkable detail and a cheery smile. You will also be pleasantly surprised at the prices as a filling meal will not break the bank.

If you are ever down this way, The Old Spot is definitely worth making a detour for, if not a beeline.

Square Meal

12 Sadler Street
Tel: 01749 689099